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Movie Review 84 Charlie Mopic (84C MoPic)

Movie Review 84 Charlie Mopic (84C MoPic)

Written and directed by Patrick Sheane Duncan 1989

Link to the screenplay text of 84 Charlie Mopic or 84C MoPic

Alright this is a low budget Vietnam war movie.
Don’t ask my why perhaps it was that I was such a young and impressionable mind during the conflict, but for whatever reason I have a fascination with the times and with that war.
Mostly I revel in the movies that portray it as I imagine it must have been.

84 Charlie Mopic is perhaps my favorite of all.. it was made on a shoestring budget and the effects were lacking (absent) but the story and feel of it make you think that it is from the reel of the Camera man or Motion Picture Operator (MoPic) that was there in the mud and the blood.

When I watch a movie, if I am allowed by my wife and other people that like to talk through a movie, I will watch it with great intensity, allowing all other things to fade away into the background.. and as a result I pick up nuances that others may miss. If you are not good at catching the small things that are said in between the major dialogue this movie may brush right past you. If that is the case there are other Vietnam movies that you will like better, a fine one is Full Metal Jacket, it is more in your face, where this one (84C MoPic) sneaks up on you, and grabs you in the end.

I used to rent it about twice a year from my local Blockbuster, they have since sold or lost their copy.. now I will buy one.. it really is that good., but it is also little known, as such you may have to buy a copy to view it.

So rent it if you can, buy it if like me you must, but if you like Vietnam war movies you must see. 84 Charlie MoPic (84 C Mopic)

good flick!

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