Wednesday, September 12, 2007

where are my clothes! Duke Lacross

where are my clothes?
I was really demanding rather than asking...

seems that I was asking the wrong person...

"i have no idea, mr. lacross, but i must say i am glad you showed up this way"

I started wiggele in my chair... that was a new thought...

"come now, lets not tare you stichers mr. lacross"

i looked down to my abdomen... there was what would be a large scar.
i scremed!

it was the last thing I rembered for a long time.....

Mmm....a relaxing spa day!

enough for now...stay tuned for more Duke Lacross

have a movie

wow what a dork....

"Yes, I was "REALLY" crying, you fucking morons. The one time I'm NOT acting- everyone says I am.. I filmed this window lighting which washes out my face- if the video is watched in full screen I am clearly crying, assholes."

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