Saturday, November 17, 2007

here we go...SOME MORE
Okay I have this list of people I am looking to reconnect with, but have lost touch with over the years. I wonder if there is any chance that through the principal of "seperation by degrees" that I could post their names here and that someone would eventually run into them and pass this URL on or even my email address?

What the hell let's give it a try.. I will write the name and the last place I saw them, and an approximate year.. pass this on to everyone you can.. just be sure to include the URL here

Gregory Louis Fuller (aka Louis Gregory Fuller) last seen 1968 Grand Rapids Michigan
Karen Denee' Last seen Lake of the Ozarks MO. 1975
Joy George Last Seen Lake of the Ozarks 1975
Alejandro "Alex" Lastra Last seens 1983 Miami FL.
Javaier "Javie" Lastra Last seen 1981 Miami , FL.
Maria Delgato last seen Miami, FL. 1985
Ann Clexton last seen Miami 1986 FOUND! 11-14-05!!!
John Eby Last seene Miami 1985
Rick Eby Last seen Miami 1985 FOUND!
Lidia (or Lydia) Hernandez last seen Miami 1987
Tracy Hernandez last seen Miami 1986
Jane Nicholson last seen Miami 1985
Elmer McDowell last seen Miami 1990
John "ki-ki" Clopton Last seen Miami 1986
Ignacio Treviosa (or Trevioso) Last seen Miami 1989
Glenn Esterly last seen Miami 1989
Laura Wilson last seen Miami 1988
Mike Lyttle last seen Miami 1991
Katherine Wyatt (or Fuller or Turnbull) -Talahassee FL 1999 FOUND!
Kyra Wyatt - Tallahassee Florida 1999
Martha "Marti" Findley (or Finley?) - Grand Rapids Michigan 2000
Deborah "Debbie" Viggiani- Naples Florida 1990 FOUND!
Cheryl Viggiani - Naples Florida 1990 FOUND!

Mike Lyttle- Miami 1990
Danny Wu - Miami 1990
Mike Alverez - Miami 1984
Virginia Harris - Miami 1989
Kevin Connway - Grand Rapids MI 1992
Sue Spicer - Howard City Michigan 1991
Monica Behan (also Fuller and Smith)- Grand Rapids Mi 1997

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