Monday, May 12, 2008

AVM in a small Person....

This about says it all...



My sweet little baby sister has Brain ArterioVenous Malfunction (AVM). It's basically abnormal vessel growth. and that stupid blood vessel burst which resulted in all this rubbish. She was most probably born with it. Only 1% of the world's population has it. and out of that 1% a smaller percentage of it occurs in the brain. What are the odds?

Her brain's rather swelly right now, which makes her a little bloaty looking. The doctors have done whatever they can (surgically). They've shaved off part of her head, and haphazardly chopped off some of her beautiful beautiful hair. She's got like 67345372942 tubes going in and out of her. Her fingers are cold and stiff. but it'll all get better ya? Her hair will grow back, the bloating will go down and she'll get warm and laugh her stupid constipated laugh whenever we mimic her. :)

I'm trying to pray but I'm confused. My mom's telling me one thing, the pastor's telling me another. oh well. whatever goes ya?

give her a click... will ya?

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