Thursday, August 21, 2008

How to Make a Do It Yourself Homemade Hot Tub

How to Make a Do It Yourself Homemade Hot Tub

You can make your own homemade hot soaker tub for just a few hundred bucks. Here's how.

First buy a circular, galvanized livestock water trough. These come in three foot high by five feet across sizes among other sized and are available at Tractor Supply and Home Depot in some markets for less than $200

Purchase a tall roll of Reflectix foil backed radiant barrier insulation sold at Home Depot and Lowes. Cut this to a height of from the bottom of the tub to just under the rim and cut a piece long enough to wrap around the entire tub. Tape the vertical seam with foil backed tape. Cover the bottom of the do it yourself hot tub with Reflectix as well and secure all seams with foil backed tape.

You're almost done with your do it yourself hot tub. Now you will want to purchase some tongue and groove one by six pine boards. Cut the boards to a height of from the ground to just under the metal rim at the top of the water trough.
Sand the top and bottom edges smooth so there are no splinters.
Stain them with redwood color stain and seal with exterior urethane.
Using duct tape and a helper to keep them in place snap them together until you have covered the exterior of the tank with the faux redwood boards.
Now, use a 2 1/2 width to 4" width roll of galvanized sheet metal (sold in the roofing section) make a ring around the tank to secure the boards at the top and bottom.
Using a "come along" stretched around the boards around the tank squeeze them into place and pull the metal banding tight and secure it to itself with self tapping sheet metal screws.
What you will end up with is a rustic looking outdoor soaker tub for a total cost of around $300
You can have your plumber install a hot water line to the exterior of your home (under the kitchen sink is a convenient place to do this).
You can install a hot water faucet next to an exterior cold water faucet and fill the tub with hot water. Make sure you use a heavy, heat resistant rubber hose and don't set your hot water heater too high so as to be scalding!
You'll want to install a faucet where the 3/4 inch drain plug is to let out the water.
You won't have jets but you can purchase fizzing "bath bombs" that feel good and sooth the skin.
You'll save about $3000 over the cost of a hot tub.
Some people build a solar collector to heat the hot tub with green energy.
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