Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Strange stuff....

Welcome to Wallyworld

go here to read the rest...
i like my Wally....

Really go check it out!



The Cars.

Now buy something from me...

No, I mean it... go buy something!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello again.
It has been a long time... hasn't it?
I have dissapeared for what seems like so long.
The 2 year mark just passed and it got me thinking about you.
How are you????
I saw that you wrote something about Duke not too long ago. Are you writing any more Duke stories?

DelorumRex said...

HAY There you are!!!!
How have you been!!!!

Duke story... no not yet.

I have been meaning to... but don't have any outside influences to really get me started.

My yahoo address is still up... drop me a line.