Saturday, October 04, 2008

An AVM story.

Hi Everyone!

This will definitely be a happier blog than last time! The dark side of the avm has passed for now ... the steroids took effect, and as you can see from the photos, no more puffiness under my left eye! We all went out to celebrate Marks 21st birthday @ Red Lobster on Sunday! Had fun visiting with Mark and we all went to Mom and Vicente house later to play one of our favorite games - Mexican Train! I finally learned how to play and we all enjoyed having some ice cream and just visiting w/each other! We had so much fun - all this helps give me strength, knowing our family bond is so great! Vicente is always so welcoming and supportive!

I've been doing fairly well - avm wise. Had a very minor bleed here and there, and the main thing has been keeping the pain under control! Guess what time it is too? Time for us to head out to CO! We will leave on Monday and return home Thursday in the early afternoon!

We still have some loose ends to wrap up before the trip - looking forward to going and getting this darned avm stabilized some more! I want the wound area to heal already! Speaking of "wounds" - I'm thinking Saba may be having a little procedure of her own! I think she needs to be "fluffed and stuffed" a little bit - her left arm tends to hang a little looser than her right! I will call the Build a Bear place(s) in CO to see who can get her worked on when we arrive on Monday! Saba must be in her best condition - she gets compliments wherever she goes! I couldn't shake this one little girl on Monday while I was @ Wal-mart! She told me how pretty Saba was and then she had to round up her whole family to point Saba out to them! What can I say, Saba takes after me! Ha, ha, ha! Ok, I'm bobble heading over here, so I need to wrap this up!

Thanks to all who come by for a visit - we'll update this on our return from CO!

Mark & Cyndi

P.S. I must also point out that even though these trips are considered "medical", it's sooo nice to get out of Corpus Christi! Mark has been working overtime lately and of course besides his regular day job, he has the full time job of taking care of me! He's an excellent wound care therapist and especially an all around support for me! This past week we lost a dear choir friend, Smitty Leonard. He and his wife Mary Ella served 18 years in choir and Mary Ella plans to continue her choir ministry. While @ the Rosary, the people in the pew in front of us turned to tell Mark what a beautiful voice he has. Mark replied by telling them he served 21 years in choir, but that @ the moment, taking care of his wife is his ministry! Is he a Godsend or what? Couldn't do this whole AVM thing without all of you out there too! Don't ever doubt what a big part all of you play in my AVM Journey!

Sonic Youth - Teen Age Riot

Ziggy Marley - Tomorrow People (1988)

Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do (Music Video 1988)

and that about sums it up!

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