Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AVM News...

The Hand We are Dealt


I continue my brain surgery narrative, reflecting on how I and my friends and family coped with learning about my surgery. Someday I will be clever enough to put a little thingy on the margin of my blog to redirect you in case you wanted to read from the beginning. And I’d compile all the brain surgery blogs in one place. That would be really clever. Sorry, I’m not there yet. Here’s the beginning of them.

My mother did not deal well with my impending surgery. What would “dealing well”...

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I feel he will do excellent.

Okay, I know that one of those is not a book on AVM's... but it was there.

My day... it was busy this morning. I did not do anything... that counted... but it was busy.
Got a headache around 2:00... got a quick nap in and woke up without it.

I slept until 3:00 or 4:00... now I have some computer stuff to do...
Good bye.

80's music...


There I got a couple that weren't in the video.
Here try yourself...

Okay gotta gof with my computer.
See ya!

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