Monday, July 06, 2009

I got nothing... but

Dose love last forever... I think so.
okay it's youtube time...

2pac - changes (Original Version)

Dr.Dre & Eminem - Forgot About Dre


and I think hate lives forever... It's a good thing I don't hate anyone.

I have been okay today. Yesterday... well that was a different story.
I forgot my meds... actually forgot them 2 days. oh boy I did not know what to do.

I really dislike them... but one must do what one must do.
oh well felling better today... more or less.


Anonymous said...

Finley I got to open youer blog. Can I say I missed it... I no what youer feeling I hate to take my Drugs but once your start its kind of like youer stuck for life. What elsa can you do... It Sucks but its better than the feeling you deal with when you dont take them... See ya soon.

DelorumRex said...

ya buddy!