Tuesday, July 28, 2009

two new AVM stories....

Ha, so much for the new approach. You see how that worked out. I went even longer than the last time without a post... However, this time I have something to write about. If for no other reason but to get the thoughts out of my head.

On June 25 2009, I got news about Michael Jackson's demise just like many of you. I took that news rather hard because I grew up to Michael Jackson and his brothers in the Jackson 5. Now usually given a few years I would struggle to remember that date. However this date I am sure to remember because not only did Micheal die, but it was the day that I found out that I had a brain AVM which had bled.



go ahead... give it a try!
Orcas woman undergoes brain surgery

Orcas resident Theresa Howard was rushed to the hospital in Anacortes for a very severe migraine headache on Friday, July 17.

She had been suffering from the headaches for more than a week. Upon arrival at the hospital, she was transferred to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. She was diagnosed with a condition called Arteriovenous Malformation or AVM. It is something she was born with and affects around 300,000 people a year. Most live a normal life and don’t even know they have this abnormality....

Go read some stuff... it might even surprise you...

I thought I would go for a Literary theme.
I after all do have some books right now that are up for sale on ebay.

click here
it is my eBay page... shows all of my eBay things...

It's funny that I am selling stuff on ebay... There was a point that I said "I cannot sell stuff on ebay... my stroke was too big." But yet there I am... selling things on eBay... my typing is getting better... I still have some mis-spellings but I am there.

I think it's funny that I cannot get a job... I mean a real job... They get one look at what my stroke has done and instantly they will call me (don't call them).

I really pissed me off the first hundred or so times.

I can not believe that the government dose nothing (besides Social Security) for AVM persons... I just does not make sense to me.
I guess we just do not make up a voting block large enough. F&CKERS!
So I welcome you to bid on eBay... it could make my day.

Sweet Child o' Mine....

and there you have it... good day.

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