Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Places to go and people to see...

Here is a list of places I hang out on the web see if any of these are in your favorites.. if not take a look and see if you like hwat i like, or hate what I like, or don't give a rats-ass what I like.
Monty Pthon stuff

Universal Currency Converter.
Gotta' know what euro is worth.. they take 'em in amsterdam.

Gizzogle! This is some funny shiznit!

learn how to measure in inches...
For us Public school gradudates.

ebaumsworld! full metal jacket sounding board.. again FUNNY!

a great place for consumer hot tub information.

the United States Postal Service..
for when you need to go postal

Symantic anti virus info..
cause viri suck!

the universal life Church.. become an ordained minister today..
and it's free!

Le Fee Vert the Green Fairy:
absinth information.. wheeeee... look at me ma' no hands..

search NASA..
cause space is far out!

see all about trademarks..
is that idea you had already patented? DAMN I thought I invented the frozen flag pole tounge scraper!

Latin to English translation..
when you need to tell someone to go F themselves and don't want them to know it.. use latin! Carpe Cannid!

Quotes from Einstine..
he was one funny somebitch!'

And that's it for now.. go look learn and laugh.. peace..

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