Monday, October 17, 2005

I prefer Halloween...

Okay despite my wanderings though spirituality, I was brought up in a primarily Christian household.
Every year at my house or at another relatives house the traditions of Christmas were celebrated, gifts were exchanged, nog was drunk, and even on occasion a Carol was sung.. socking hung by the fire with care, yada , yada, yada..

Now fast-forward.. I am an Adult.. I have no children so perhaps that sets the mood, but I dread Christmas.. I dread the gathering, and the bitching about who got who what, or worse did not get who what.. I dread the decorations and the gilts and flash of the lights.. I dread the whole damn thing.. I am cold.. and if you want to come to my house and bitch about life, why do we need a holiday for it.. hell most of the primary bitchers come over to engage in that particular activity with my wife weekly..

SO I prefer Halloween.. I like to make the house spooky…and I like to hand out candy to the good and bad little goblins and ghouls of the neighborhood.. I even go to a haunted house (created) with friends each year.. and I love to sit and watch scary movies with the lights off.. perhaps a drink at my hand.. and a nice warm blanket..

Does this make me the Pagan I am accused of being? Perhaps it does.. does it make me a worse person that the Christmas bitchers? I think not.. I would rather give 100 small presents to strangers that appreciate it, than to give one present to one unappreciative relative.
So if pagans prefer to give to deserving strangers rather than undeserving relatives.. I guess I am.. Pagan and Proud!

BOO! Pass it on.

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