Friday, October 21, 2005

Brain lock.. and other things..

Okay, I have a friend, he is in his early 20s. He has been talking with a girl who is not quite 17.
He asks me today, if she is too young to go out with? What do you say to this? My friend is very introverted adn shy, adn has a hard time meeting women of any age... this "girl" is no virgin, from what he has been telling, me about their conversations.. the age of concsent in this state is 16.. so what's the harm?

Hey, I am no ultra conservitive, adn quite frankly if I had the opertunity to date a younger woman, it would not bother me in the least.. it's about the person and not the age isn't it?

Okay how young would I date? (Keep in mind I am a young at heart 38).. would I date an 18 year old? (I don;t know.. there seems to be a world of life between 18 and 38.. so lets say for the sake of argument that I would not date an 18 year old..) how about 21? she could drink with me in public, perhpas is near completing her education? I have no children of my own and if I eve am single again, I will want children.. so how about 21.. healthy and young.. and right now 18 years my junior?
Okay perhpas 21.. but lets say 25.. finished with school, and out in the real world.. YES definetly I would date a 25 year old.. if she had all the right kinds of personality traits.. and no body would say I was old enough to be her dad. (Even though I probobly am.. :)

So I would date a woman 13 years younger then I am.. he is asking to date somone about 7 years younger.. I have a hard time answering him.. perhaps I just need to have sex with her.. afer that.. I can tell him if it is worth his time?
(If I did not get your attention with that last line.. your probobly already clicking the next blog button)
I , for the record, would NEVER at this point in my life have sex with a 16 year old! That's just wrong! But how about 18? hummm... (I better quit while I am ahead)

This brings up a whole new set of questions.. why would I consider a sexual relatonship with somone that I would not marry? Why have I married people that, I have less than maximum sexual attraction for?
Is it possible to find the whole package? Sexual attraction, plus personality, plus mutual life goals? Damn.. hard question.. I never found it in anyone at any age..

New set of questions.. would I date seriously somone that I did not see spending a long time with? I have in the past and ended up in relationships with them, that I could not wait to end? So what is the balance? Is ther a balance, between liking somone and wanting to boff them? I got news like lasts a lot longer than the uncontrolable urge to boff..

I guess the moral of the story is marry your best friend, as long as sh has a sister that's hot and will give you a little when nobody's looking.

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