Monday, February 13, 2006

Cheney.. I wouldn't call him Dick if I were you..

In a hunting accident, the worlds eviliest man shot and wounded a long time friend.
(I can see the conspiricy theory nuts, going bonkers from here)

When asked for a comment, Mr. Cheney quietly said.. "We'll from where i was he looked a lot like a quail".

Dan Quail has not been seen nor heard from in days..

I guess, Dick got pissed when his buddy called his bird?

I like that fact that the Media acted all offended that the Vice PResident's office did not call them earlier? What a load of shit!

God forbid the media actually has to do a little work.. (actually I hear tell taht NBC is just pissed off that a littel NEwspaper in Corpus "scooped" them.)


So here ar ehte possible future Headlines:
Dick shot man over Haliburton Contract
Dick Shot man, While Aiming at once Vice President, Quail
Don;t you Dare call him Dick to his face!
Man about to release vital NESARA information shot by Vice President, while President watched. (You'll have to look the whole NESARA thing up)
Man mistaken for war protestor, shot!

ad of course, HUNTING magazines,
5 Easy Ways to Prepair Quail While You Are in Intensive Care.

Party on wayne..

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