Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dick Cheney.. why not? and some valentine's day thoughts..

As long as we are poking fun at good old Dick.. let me take this oppertunity to promote a book that is less than favorable about his boss...

ahhh, now that feels better.

I have heard some great one liners abuot Dick's hunting trip.. perhpas when the dust has setteled, I will post a review of some of my favorites here..

The question has been raised as to why Dick did not talk to the sherrifs office, right after the shooting... I think that this is perhaps a vaild question.
A few things that I have heard, seem to be possible..
1. He thought of himself as too important to bother with a small town sherrif over an accident.
2. He was affraid that the sherrif woudl take the opertunity to make a political statement and arrest him.
3.He had been having a couple of drinks before he went out, and would have been arrested.
4. He was embarassed and did not want to put up with the scrutiny of the press.
5. The Secret Service told him to go, and that they would take care of it.
6.He forgot
7. He thought he was Dan Quail Hunting, and the guy did look like Dan from the side.
8. Cheney always People hunts, this is just the first time it has come to anyone's attention.
9. The guy had it coming.
10. It was an accident, and the fact that the Vice president did not talk to the sherriff, was only because the sheriff did not see it worth bothering him over.

No matter the reason, the sound bite I heard from a member of the press is still priceless. He said "This is like mana from heaven on a slow news day".

I am glad that nobody was seriously hurt, and I am glad, that I have had this to write about for the last couple days.
Now if we can only get the president to shoot somone...
(insert, he has other people do his shooting line here)

Now we all have ot be left wondering, what the next big thing in Blogging will be.. silly the stuff we pull out to make important isn't it.

Valentine's day thoughts:
Did you get a card form someone today?
Did you get a card or present from someone you did not expect one from?
I sent a card today.. I even got one back..
I think that today is a "hallmark holiday" really, but it does open up the opertunity to get naughty with somone, so hey, it's all good.

I wonder if Nix will manage to pull in any attention from some sweet , purty thing?

How about my other Blogger frineds? I wonder what they are doing?
But as one blogger pointed out resently , the only reason we are here, is because we are pathetic and have no lives.. (funny that he was a blogger.. can you say projection?? yikes)

So this is for all of you who will not get a card or gift today..
Happy valentine's Day!
I hope you get (*&)
in a nice kinda way.
the end


Anonymous said...

I got something but no card. Hay I will take the somthing over donations to Hallmark any day. Have a good one and come on nothing sweet to eat in youer card? I would of wraped my self up and said here Dear its all for you now EAT ME! Yes Iam sweeter and better than any candy box. I lick back.

DelorumRex said...

I bet you are..

I tried to wrap somthing of mine in a card, but have you ever tried to fit your winky into an e-card?

why donate to hallmark when you got

Nothing like the gift that truly says Eat Me.. (I am chocolate covered)!