Friday, July 14, 2006

Go Naked for Peace.. video and photos to follow.

Bloggers, lets start a movement.. a protest movement.. and how better to get the attention of people than with nude photographs.. (insert internet os for porn video here)

So here's my plan.. make a sign.. that says something like "Give Peace a Chance", remove all of your clothing, and take a picture of make a video of you with the sign..
Then post it.. near and far, and here of course..
Time to make a little love instead of war I think?
So anyone game?

I know of a few places that hte photo will get time, and attention.. so I plan to post it around a bit too.
(You gotta be 18 to play.. no exceptions.. I don;t want porn, espscially kiddy porn.. I want a movement!)
email me your pic, or leave a comment telling me where you pic of video is uploaded.. let's all get naked.. for a good cause.


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