Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what's hot at technorati, and the searches!

Useless statistics, youtube, sex, and Video.. and of course Tammy NYP.

And how exactly did the last batch of visitors find this site? Here are the search terms that brough people here.. some I can see and some I just gotta say WTF?

Google: singapore fantasy blog boy countess
MSN Search: www.tammy nyp.
Google: inteliflix promo
Google Images: sexy vampire
Yahoo: sex vidoe
Google: random thoughs
Google: lucy clarkston upskirt
Google Images: sexy vampire
MSN Search: tammynyp
Google Images: sexy vampire
Google: "McChicken" rhetoric techniques
Google Images: vampire fetish
Google Images: Tammy nyp
Google: "better than youtube" porn
MSN Search: tammynyp
Google: blog clip cum face
AltaVista: tammy nyp
Yahoo: american idol nude boobs

Then lets examine the top few searches at technorati for this hour.. and my very own brief commentary on each…
1. Zidane
That’s one thick headed French dude..

2. Rocketboom
Fired Amanda Congdom, and will burn in hell as a result. (We love Amanda.. long time too)

3. Zidane Hedbutt
Again with the hard headed French guy.. be sure to Play the Zidane/ Materazzi Head Butt game a few posts down from this one.. on the front page.. if you are not there already…

4. Zidane Materazzi
OY Vey don’t you people have anything else to do.. yes he got Red Carded.. yes he headbutted an Italian player.. yes.. I have no bananas..

5. Syd Barrett
Pink Floyd Guitarist.. dead.. that fucking sucks!

6. Potc
PotC? WTF wasn’t that Ritchie Cunningham’s little buddy? No Potc is short for Pirates of the Caribbean ?? Sure it is.. I see lot’s o’ spam coming on that one.. don’t you?

7. Myspace
Myspace.. of course MySpace.. where old dirty men, go to find confused Teenaged girls.. and where the Emp set puts there angst out for all to see.. and weep at.. I have been to MySpace.. and I think I am missing something.. can someone please explain the social importance of MySpace? Please??? I feel like my VCR is blinking 12:00 on this one..

8. Mumbai
I hope each one goes to heave and has there ass reamed by Ala, before they are cast into hell.

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welcome to wallyworld said...

Uh Dude...Zidane is a French player and Materazzi is a greaseball.