Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Speaking of books.. Dragonlance.. and Duke Lacrosse

Hello reader(s) :)
I have been thinking a lot lately about the old Dragonlance stories.. I gave two of the first three to a friend a while back, and wonder if she is enjoyng them?
I still have it in the back of my head somwhere to write a story for the DragonLance world.. I think it is mostly all in there.. somewhere.. and who knows maybe someday I will write it here?

I once emailed somone on a dragonlance fan site.. (or so I thought) and got an email back from Margaret Weis! I was borderline star struck.. she was warm and friendly and encouraging to my writing.. who knows maybe someday I will write her again, and ask if it is possible to ask for her assistance in publishing? In the mean time I will keep looking back on all of the M. Weis adn T. Hickman DragonLance stories with great fondness..
If you have never bothered reading any of the Dragonlance stories let me send you now off to to get one or two or 200.

Duke Lacrosse: No I have not forgotten poor Duke.. it is just that what will happen to him next is mostly unpleasant.. and I like the idea of him sleeping in his lovers arms.. but we are getting close.. close to the time where I will wake poor Duke up and go off to fuck with him royaly... but for now.. he sleeps.. sleeps in the arms of the one he loves..

(do a search for "Duke Lacrosse" at the top of this page to read the story.. I have written two.. the first one mostly errotica and humor, the second, still in the works story.. errotic and vampyric.. The parts are numbered in the title.. so it should be asy to catch up.. if that's your thing.)

So for now, I bid you (some french word)
Pax (Latin word)
D (Derived from amisspelling of a latin phrase)

Speaking if French words? What;'s that steaming pile or Meirt (sp) doing? You know My Pal Mal.. the poor Aussie stuck in Paris? Let's go see shall we?

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