Monday, March 19, 2007

it was stll early...

Un Emile 68
68% ****

Ohh yummy! This Absinth has a wonderful warm feel as it goes down, a very nice, pale green, opalescent louche and a very good amount of Thujone for that yip , yip, yippy effect.

Mildly bitter in character, a sugar cube brings it right to perfection.
The flavor is mildly anisette when compared to many other absinthes, and there is a nice herbal undertone that finishes clean to the palette.

Perfect for a summer aperitif or for a night of talking poetry, philosophy, or as I like to do, reading Jack Kerouac in turns with a group of friends.

This absinth will stand up to all but the most robust cigar as well.
A perfect way to spend time with friends.
If I used a star rating system this one wild be a 4 of 5 star drink!

yum yum!!!


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