Wednesday, March 21, 2007

old one... one more

François Guy is a traditionally distilled Pontarlier absinthe, but with only 45% alcohol. Amazingly, this does not detract from its full taste, which has gained a very strong following. It is a light olive green turning milky white on addition of water. The nose is complex and herbal with green anise and fresh wormwood to the fore. It has a clean refreshing taste and makes an ideal aperitif diluted with 2 to 3 parts of water.
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Alright, now this little Absinth is my favorite! Although I have heard that the absinthes coming from Jade Liquors are superior to this one, I have not had the opportunity to taste any of them just yet.

François Guy is a heavy thujon absinth, so care has to be taken not to consume too much, a headache will be your payment for over indulgence. But I have sat and over an evening of talk consumed some 6 to 8 glasses with no ill effects, as with any alcoholic drink the trick is to know your limits. This absinth does not have as much of the warm alcohol feel as the Un Emil reviewed earlier, but the flavor is out of this word .. good!

I would recommend this absinth for anyone that wants to truly enjoy everything that an absinth can be. Perfect for talk or contemplation of things greater than the self with friends, close friends.

Expensive (not outrageous, but expensive). In my opinion, well worth the investment.

Again with the stars **** 4 out of 5!

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