Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl

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Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl

Debate '08: Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl It's on! The follow up to "Crush on Obama" debuts this week. Pillow fights and dance offs and all the other things that go on over the course of a typical campaign. Subscribe to our YouTube channel...the next chapter is coming soon. Vocals performed by: Leah Kauffman. Song produced by Rick Friedrich Directed and Edited by Kevin Arbouet and Larry Strong Director of Photography: Patryk Rebisz Created by Ben Relles Starring Amber Lee Ettinger and Adelina (and friends) Watched by people who go to YouTube.

"I Got a Crush...On Obama" By Obama Girl
crush, on, barack, obama, girl, campaign, song, hillary, 2008, election, amy, hot, amber, lee, ettinger, sexy, darren, daulton, underwear presents: I Got a Crush on Obama. Seen on over 200 TV stations around the world! Created by: Ben Relles Starring: Amber Lee Ettinger Vocals: Leah Kauffman Music Producer: Rick Friedrich Directed, shot and edited: Larry Strong nd Kevin Arbouet. Click the Orange SUBSCRIBE button: Lots more to come in the next few weeks!

i like oba...
not that much... but i like him.

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