Saturday, July 21, 2007

i love coffee...

I love coffee.. and inyourfaceforbreakfast
Okay you all know mal he's the crazy aussie cunt that started he has resently started a new project called inyourfaceforbreakfast a sort of volg informational site..

I plan on participating.

Personally I think that the site's mascot should be the Palm Civet. (Cute little fuck ain;t he?... kinda like me.. )

Why? Oh you are a silly bunch o' fukcers ain;t ya?There is a coffee.. (I love coffee) that sells for around $300 a pound.. yep I did not typo that I said "$300"!

What makes it so special.. well it passes through the digestive track of a palm civet! and is then picked out of the poo roasted to a delightful brown and brewed into an INYOURFACEFORBREAKFAST muthafuckin' blend!

That's right.. Civet Poo!

Don;t belive me.. well you doubting thomases go take a read at

Civet Poo Coffee (100% Tammy NYP Free)

now buy something

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