Monday, September 03, 2007

Damn I was buesy... not with spell check and The Simpsons Star Wars

i was bussy with a garage Sael
((what the fuck is that!)
i want to get back with Duke Lacrosse storeys.
i think the next one wilt start with him eaten a carpet or something like that.

in the mean time have a video...
of something completely unrelated...

The intro to The Simpsons TV show with a Star Wars twist. An original cartoon parody by animator Rich Cando. More work can be seen at

It was midnight he knew that much... her juices ran down his chin... he knew his hart must surly burst. He had tasted allot of women... but none had tasted like this one,,,,
okay that's enough.
Shakira: Pure Intuition English video

after you get this, that is.

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