Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sleep X factor

His head was spinning... he layed on his back.. he lapped a what could one be called heaven... she had putt him there...
The quivering started... low gutterl sounds came from her... she was cumming.

Then came her thrill... she took his meat in to her mouth... nearly all....
his mind was full of delicious thoughts... he started to cum! With each of her thrus... deep and slow!

He could not hold back!


hey! i wan't to get hugged!

oh boy! That one is wierd!

Eighteen-year-old shop assistant wants to sing, but his mum's not too sure. Has he got what it takes?

X Factor, xfactor, Leon Simon, Cowell, Louis, Walsh, Dannii, Minogue, Sharon Osbourne

and on that note... good by
See you tomarrow

okay i lied... but only a little....

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