Friday, April 18, 2008

congraons....what ever that means....Angiogram

here is a happy story...

So: I no longer have an AVM. After three years of worrying when I might have the next stroke, whether it would be a bad one or "just" another small one, I'm done.

It's gone.

I'm cured.

(I feel like I should randomly shout "Praise JAY-zus!" but that ain't how I roll.)

They went in through the femoral artery. I was drugged and given local anesthesia, so I didn't care what they were doing. The feeling of having a tube going up through your artery is pretty weird. It wasn't painful, but I could feel it...kinda freaky. They took some shiny pictures of my brain and told me the AVM was gone, then closed me up. I had to lie flat on my back for two hours, but I swear, UAB's Heart and Vascular Center nursing staff are like a real-life sitcom, so I had plenty of entertainment, plus the nurse checking every 15 minutes to make sure my legs weren't going to fall off or anything. (They were actually concerned about hemorrhages and clots.)

I'm in some pain now--not excruciating, but Tylenol isn't touching it. The only way I'm semi-comfortable is lying flat on my back, which is irritating as piss because then I can't *do* anything. Walking hurts, but sitting hurts more because of the way they did the incision. So right now I'm lying on the bed on my left side (the side they didn't cut on), propped up on my elbows so I can use the computer.

But dude. The AVM is gone.

In other news, Sam's offered to take me to the beach before I have to leave for Massachusetts.

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