Sunday, April 13, 2008

heres one... Stupid AVM

Hmm..been to my medical review last Wednesday, didn't get to see Dr.CN, but another doctor (his student I believe). He told me more about my condition (AVM) and mentioned there's no way to prevent or stop it since the option for surgery is out. It’s like a timebomb.

Then yesterday at my pre-employment medical check-up, while asking if I have any pre-existing medical condition, and I mentioned about this, the doctor also used the word "timebomb". Okay, this had an impact.

Though this is something I have known since 2004, it still affects me. C’mon, who wouldn’t be affected if someone had told you, “You have a timebomb inside your brain..”

I guess it is quite scary? I am only turning 24 this year, still considered young right?

Everyone might know the phrases: Live your life to the fullest; Cherish every moment; but who really does it? Someone once told me, “there are bound to be regrets in life, it’s how you live your life to avoid having deepest regrets..” (ok, it’s translated from Chinese)

I guess I really need to “re-think” about my life and make plans carefully. Study/Work/Life…everything? Probably I need to try to forget/don’t think about the avm to start planning. Yes, I need to get over it.

Stupid AVM.


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