Saturday, May 31, 2008

Encouraging Word from Melanie


I got an email recently from an old friend who is sorting through medical issues with her precious 4-year-old daughter, Ava. God is moving, friends, be encouraged. This is what Melanie writes:

“I wanted to let you know about yesterday. For the record, when my husband Pete read about Romans 8 he felt compelled to memorize it. But yesterday struck me. We were at Baystate Hospital. Our 4 year old daughter Ava was lying down sedated while getting an MRI of her brain. We were by her side. Out of Pete’s back pocket he pulled his printup of Romans 8 and started working on his memorizing. There I was, anxious and nervous as to my beloved daughter’s brain MRI, with her sedated and strapped in to my right and Pete memorizing Romans 8 on my left. The merge of the two struck me. If I remember correctly, your friend that inspired the Romans 8 movement suffered an AVM (which by the way has also inflicted my family, grandmother and uncle). There, in that sterile hospital room Romans 8 was being read and memorized while the prospect of a brain malformation was being determined on a little 4 year old girl. It just really struck me.”

This is a follow up I received from Melanie after getting the results of the MRI:

“Good news recently received is that Ava’s brain MRI was normal (no malformations!). Ava has global motor delays that has to date been unidentifiable as to the cause. She receives speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. She has underwent much testing. This was actually her 3rd MRI in the last year. A lot of blood work and other lab work has been done. She has been a real trooper. We’re awaiting some genetic testing results next month. Although it would be great to identify what’s causing her delays, it’s a bittersweet thing as we don’t want the cause to be too severe. She has recently displayed regression in terms of her tremors and ability to perform tasks. She is a courageous, creative and silly little girl. Your prayers for her would be cherished.

Although I don’t know Katherine, I’m sure she would be overjoyed knowing that her life and struggle has impacted so many in such wonderful ways. In your own words… “I have been overwhelmed by God’s goodness and the miracles he is doing in people’s lives and hearts everyday.” To Him be the glory forever!!!”

Let us be joining together in community and praying for one another and encouraging one another by how God is moving in our own lives and through each other. Right now Romans8movement is a small mustard seed, but I beleive by puting God’s word in our hearts and lives He will do the unthinkable through us! What a thrill to be a part of this genereation, this movement and what God is doing in hearts and lives throughout the world!

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