Monday, June 02, 2008

My friend, Katherine Wolf


I can’t believe that I have not posted this before, so please forgive me. A friend of mine and my wife’s, Katherine Wolf, is currently recovering from a severe brain bleed caused by an atrioventricular malformation, or AVM. From my limited knowledge of AVM’s, they are present long before they actually present themselves medically. Katherine is married to Jay Wolf, a friend of ours from Samford University. Jay’s father is Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church Montgomery in Alabama, a church that has done some great, great things in the city and in the state. They also have a seven month old son, James. You can imagine how hard it is for your wife of three years to be in ICU for now six weeks. You can also imagine the thoughts going through Katherine’s head. She can’t feed or take care of her baby. She can’t take care of her husband, who just finished law school and is looking for a job.

Please remember Katherine, Jay, and baby James in your prayers.

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