Thursday, July 10, 2008

#3!!Treating Arteriovenous Miscreation (AVM) of the Mentality

Defined by headaches and seizures, associate degree arteriovenous miscreation (AVM) of the learning ability is a legal document of arteriovenous miscreation, a upset of the body.

ok that was lame!!!
My day has been good so far...miscreation? WTF!!!arteriovenous HUH!!!

ok lets do headache, shall we?

okay thats headache...
Now lets do some porn... oh sorry you can't do that. But i'LL get you close.

okay, that should bring you close. And now let's see whats on youtube... shall we!

I use to know a lot of girls that looked like Boy George!!


okat thats just a bit of 1984...


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