Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Arterio-Venous Malformation-My Wife's medical story!
Most of the Norcal Crew knows my wife and can see that she has a malformation on the left side of her face. Other Cruiserheads may have seen her, maybe at Surf n' Turf for example, but do not know about her medical condition or story behind it.

In looking for info about her condition online, or other people that have it, we were pretty suprised of the lack thereof.

This link will take you to her new website she has started working on. She is on leave of absence right now, and this has been her new project and she is excited to share her experiences with others who have an AVM, as well as educating people about the condition. The website is still a little bit of work in progress, but it is mostly complete!

We're also curious if anyone else in the Cruiser Family has, or knows someone who is living with an AVM?

Thanks for looking.

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