Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dearest Family and Friends , (AVM Story)

Dearest Family and Friends ,

Well I have magnificent news!!!

As you know, we have been waiting for

the results of the latest CTA scans on

Tuesday to discover whether Becca's

hemorrhagic stroke was the result of

a aneurysm or a AVM and what

sort of treatment she would need to

correct the damage or malformation.

Well Dr Tan called Becca today and

informed her that the scans came back

clear and normal! He said that no

surgery or radiation or any further

treatment would be needed!!! Becca

was in shock so after she spoke to

him we had Joel call him back to clarify

and he said that whatever it

was is gone and that whether it was an

aneurysm or a AVM it "must have

resolved itself". As you can imagine,

we are ecstatic and full of deep

gratefulness to God for His kindness

and merciful love.

He is good and though we may not

always understand His ways and the

things He allows us to go through,

we can be confident that He holds

us all at the very center of His heart

and walks with us through each and

every storm. We have experienced His

love and provision through so many of

you and I want to thank you all for

being His hands and feet, His arms of

love and strength, His words of comfort

and hope for all of us.

-Pricilla [Becca's mom] and family

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