Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Becca Update!

Most of you know that my sister Becca has been going through some serious medical stuff this month. It all started over a month ago while she was subbing. She texted me saying that she was having trouble writing--weird! My parents wound up taking her to the hospital later that day. She was having a hard time using her hands at all, and her speech was very slow. In fact, at one point, she couldn't talk at all. That weekend was a series of tests: CAT scans and MRI's. She was discharged that Monday. We were told that these was a lesion on her brain, and that it was most likely a non-cancerous brain tumor. The other likely possibility was that she had had a stroke. They needed to wait a month to determine which it was. So, the past month has been spent waiting, praying, and TRYING not to worry. This week we found out that she does not have a brain tumor. After two more tests, they have determined that she either had a brain aneurysm or an AVM.( This is a kind of stroke caused by a defect in veins formed during infancy. They can, but don't always, rupture eventually.) So, either way, something ruptured and caused bleeding in her brain, which caused swelling, which caused the symptoms that sent her to the hospital. We were actually relieved to get this news. Obviously these are both serious things, but the fact that it already happened, and Becca is ok and suffered no permanent damage is really amazing. It is crazy to think what could have happened. It is also a relief to know more of what is going on after battling the"what if''s" every night when I went to sleep this past month. It's hard not to think about worst case scenarios when you don't know anything for certain. She is having another test tomorrow which will hopefully determine exactly what happened,and what they need to do about it. She may need to have some kind of surgery to clean up or repair the damage. She really hopes that she won't. I will definitely write another update when we know more. Thank you so much for the prayers that you have said for Becca, me, and my family this past month. I truly appreciate it. It has been hard, but I am thankful to know that so many people care and are there for us.


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