Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy What Ever Day!

I woke up with Shoulder pain.
The shoulder is out of joint, so you'd think it would be chronically painful, it is not.

Right now my head is not in pain, this is a plus!
I can not stop thinking about her... I hope she is well.

As of right now there is no news on the AVM front!

Last night I won money! At PartyPoker! Came in 6 th place! Not Bad!

No info of my Calender, that means I do not have anybodys Birthday. Damn!
oF WELL, IF YOU GAVE me your Birthday and I missed it, forgive me,,, please.

Here some youtube for you.

Dr. Dre & sNOOP dOGG!


Snoop Doggy on the Snoop doggdog shit!



Anonymous said...

You forgot mine and I even remind you when it was...... So much for wishing. Ok email me and say HI You figer out who!

DelorumRex said...