Friday, July 04, 2008

Thursday Update: an avm story

Thursday Update
By Jay Wolf (Katherine’s Father-in-law)

I have returned to UCLA Medical Center for the 6th time since Katherine’s brain stem stroke on April 21. She is making some wonderful progress! Her right side is strengthening. Her eyes look good. There is more movement in the left side of her face. Katherine’s awareness is leaping forward. She is using an alphabet board to spell out her responses. She is mouthing words and we are having fun reading her lips. Katherine stood upright with the help of the hydraulic lift chair and a harness for 30 minutes. She even asked her therapist to work her more because she wants to get well and go back home.

We met with Dr. Gonzalez, the neurosurgeon that God used to save Katherine’s earthly life on April 21. Dr. Gonzalez reiterated that he did his best but God has translated his efforts into an amazing miracle. Dr. Gonzalez told us about presenting Katherine’s case to a medical seminar. When the group saw the size and complexity of her arterial venous malformation (AVM) they knew a good outcome was virtually impossible. When Dr. Gonzalez told about Katherine’s current condition and progress, the group erupted in spontaneous applause. He said that in his 12 years of making this type of presentation that was a first! Dr. Gonzalez affirmed that Katherine has a long way to go but all indicators are that she will come all the way back! We concluded our meeting by praying with him and he wept openly. With great warmth we hugged and he went to his next assignment.

Treasured Prayer Warriors, keep praying for Katherine to decrease her secretions so the trach can be removed. Ask the Lord to keep re-creating, re-training, re-coordinating and re-strengthening all of the areas of deficit.

Katherine asked me, “Why has this happened?” I shared the great revelation of God’s Word that we live in a fallen world (Genesis 2-4) and satan’s activity factors heavily into the equation of suffering. I reminded her that Jesus cast out many demons and attributed illness to the devil’s destructive work (See Luke 13:10-16; John 10:10). Paul asserted that his thorn in the flesh was a “messenger from satan.” (II Corinthians 12:7) So our job is to trust the triumphant Lord Jesus to give us strength to overcome the devil’s destructive work. I explained, “Katherine your illness came from the heart of hell, not from the heart of God. Furthermore, the ultimate example of God transforming evil and suffering into a positive outcome is illustrated by the cross. God reshaped the cruel cross into a bridge to connect perishing people to God’s redeeming love and purpose.”

I told Katherine that her cross of suffering is being used by the Lord to connect countless people to God’s love and light. So our job is to keep trusting King Jesus and fighting the battle of defeating the devil’s destructive work. I encouraged, “Katherine, you are fighting a terrible battle with the devil’s destructive forces but you can do all things through Jesus who strengthens you. (Philippians 4:13) You will climb the mountain of recovery with God’s help and run a sword through the dragon’s dark heart as you overcome his evil efforts.” Katherine gave me a big “thumbs up” and a beautiful crooked smile of understanding, affirmation and resolve.

Let’s continue faithfully fighting beside her by consistently praying and fervently believing that God will keep raising her up along with lifting up a host of others as we keep moving forward and stay focused on King Jesus!


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