Tuesday, July 01, 2008

let us see whats up at Wallyword....

from Wallyword...

New VW - 100K on One Litre of Fuel

Ugly front
nice butt
assume the position
not much room
Volkswagen's 'one-litre per 100k' concept car (282mpg) first unveiled six years ago is said to be going into production for a release in two years.

The carbonfibre monocoque won't come cheap though - €30,000 is being mooted.

Interestingly, cameras replace the side mirrors to minimize the drag coefficient.

The 300kg body will be powered by a new two-cylinder turbodiesel with a mild hybrid system that would allow full-electric operation under some circumstances.

Your €30k will include ABS/ESP, a driver's airbag, sequential motorbike-style six speed transmission as well as LED head and taillights. Air-conditioning will be an option.

Looks like something Buckminster Fuller might have designed in the thirties eh?


its pretty cool! still look up ol Wally from time to time... and think he's great!
I hope he's doing well...

Well there were no new AVM's to report

My wife is behaving... looks like we may set a recored.

ok time to sell you some shit....

Nobody buy that last one!!
lets see whats up in the hot tub world...

Reducing Water Bills
Posted in How to be "GREEN" with a Spa, Water Changing

Mrs Ann Williamson suggests….

To anyone who thinks that spas are expensive to fill and take up too much water in dry spells during the summer I would just like to say that like everyone else, my husband and I are concerned about being “green” and making the most of clean water as well as saving money. Therefore when our spa is due to be drained and the water changed, we simply decant the old water into large water containers and use it to flush the toilet. As we use the spa aromatherapy liquids, the water smells sweet and it is surprising how quickly the water is used up - spas don’t consume as much water as you would think - but also it has reduced our annual water bill by £50 this year!

NSPF website goes Spanish.

The National Swimming Pool Foundation in the USA has launched a Spanish version of its website at

In addition to helping Spanish speakers in America, the site aims to provide pool health and safety information to native Spanish speakers in Central and South America, the Caribbean and Spain itself.

The NSPF says the English version of the site receives 40,000 visitors per month.

Key pages in the Spanish section describe educational programmes, online training opportunities, NSPF products, information on the World Aquatic Health Conference, research, news and other articles, resources and links, and the online shopping section.

Commenting on the launch of the site, NSPF CEO Tom Lachocki said: “This parallel website is the next step in the NSPF’s effort to bring leading prevention information to a broader world audience. Outbreaks of illness or drownings are bad whether they are in Bogota, Barcelona or Boston.”


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