Sunday, August 31, 2008

Camellia girl w/ avm!

Just wanted to post a link to a website for Camellia!

Camellia is a beautiful little girl with a facial AVM. Her story has many similarities to mine as a child. However, it sounds like she is having a rougher time than I did at that age. But luckily, she is already being treated by Dr. Yakes and although this treatment is hard for such a little girl, I hope that it means Camellia will grow up healthy, happy, and AVM free!!!

Camellia's mom keeps an online journal detailing their journey and treatments. Please visit her site and sign her guestbook!!!



Sorry to keep you all hanging. I just spent an hour writing a journal entry and it got lost in space. How frustrating, especially since it took me so many days to get the strength to write again. Anyway, I just couldn't find the words on Tuesday to express what I was feeling. After seeing her and the side effects of the treatment, I became numb. Knowing that we need to do this so many times, made me angry. Accepting that is the only way for a cure, is frightening. Trusting that this is the right path we are on is sometimes hard to do.

As we walked through the airport with all the on-lookers, my fierceness as a mother showed up. I wanted to protect her from the stares. She held my hand and walked tall looking back at each and everyone that looked at her.

Today, I saw my little Camellia shine through for the first time since her surgery. She toe tapped and shimmy-ed her hips the way she does when she is dancing and experiencing joy. Seeing this made me know that she is going to be alright.

I want to thank you all for continuing to support us through this journey. You have seen many parts of me. I am angry at times and hopeful at times. I may lose my faith and then bring it back when I feel stronger. Thank you for hearing me.



That's it... a bad day... Post something to her guestbook. PLEASE!!!!

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