Tuesday, October 28, 2008

da da da avm

My first AVM...I have a pic of no. 2. but I can't figure out how to get it loaded.

There is nothing going on today.... not even on my other blog.
here if you are interested.
So what to do.... well how about me?
(or at least my story)#2
I was on a working vacation.
I went to lunch with a friend... I think....
I woke up in a hospital... my second.... weird.
I could not talk... I was paralyzed on my right side.

My wife had showed up.... with a couple of her sons... they were not well behaved... they are 30 and 27 in age.

My friend showed up too... he is webmaster here.

He spent quite a lot of time with me.

My friend that I went to lunch with stayed with me too... she was an angel!
I quit smoking... it just was not a concern.

Then came the transport came... Another friend drove his camper down.
(I live in GR Mi.)

I really can't tell you much about the trip, I was out of it.

Next came rehab... it feels like it was yesterday.... It was closer to 2 years ago.
I can remember wheeling around the hospital at night and early in the morning... I don't know what I was looking for... but I don't think I found it....

Rehab is a blur... I just don't remember it much... truth is I don't remember much these days.

I got to go home I think it was 2 months... Then came more rehab.
The only thing I was missing was a bed where I took rehab... This lasted 3 months.
Then I was told go home... you are cured... well as much as your going to get. I could not talk... I was terribly frustrated. I knew what I wanted to say... but something in between the thought and my mouth there was a block of some kind.

Fast forward to now...
I still can't talk as well as I would like... but it is getting better. (slowly)
I can manage stairs! I am a little slow... but I manage them none the less.
I got rehired (part time) by my old job. I am not in the same position... but they have me working a little.

I stared smoking again..... dumb I know.
but I did quit drinking... that is one check it the good coulomb.
I take an antidepressant... but that is it.
Not bad if you ask me.... not to bad at all.

I still can not spell... but I never could.
And that's about it...
so let me give youtube a plug...

ha ha ha!

Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight (Music Video 1984)

I can cut-and-paste as well as the next guy.

here buy something....


Anonymous said...

Thank you so many questions I've wondered about you and never had ancered. You Spell good and youer only going to get better. Thats what so wonderfull about you... You look for the best and keep trying. Thanks for posting this I so wantted to no more about you.

DelorumRex said...