Thursday, October 09, 2008

Well I had a good day!

I went to WORK!!!! YES, I said work!!! work wOrK WORK!!!!! And yes it feels great!

I got no avm news! I have no news in general.... Of but I have this to say... WORK WORK WORK WORK!!!!

and I put some of these on my other blog...

okay those just would not fit in mt other blog... so you get them.... sorry.

By the way I got hired part time at Nordic Prodics. (okay I can't spell... but ain't it the though that counts)

alright... you want to get youtubed.... a little.... okay.

Madonna - Like A Prayer (1989)

Paula Abdul - 1989 Music Award Show

eric clapton hard time 1989 at music night
and that's that!

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