Saturday, December 06, 2008

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Brain surgery means Christmas in Albuquerque for Carlsbad girl
From the Current-Argus

For one Carlsbad girl, Christmas this year won't be celebrated at home.

Keely Lujan, 12, will be spending her Christmas in an Albuquerque hospital following a four-day brain surgery scheduled to begin on Dec. 15.

This fall, Keely was diagnosed with an arterial vascular malformation (AVM), which is a congenital disorder of abnormal connections between arteries and veins in the brain and a lesion, which is an injury or pathological change in tissue in the brain.

Keely, a.k.a. "Keester," is a sixth-grade honor student at Alta Vista Middle School and an avid softball athlete. Earlier this year, out of the blue, she experienced temporary loss of peripheral vision in her right eye. A month later, she experienced the same vision loss but this time it was accompanied by a severe headache.

"I thought she was getting migraines so I took her to the doctor," said her mother, Amanda.

The episodes continued through the summer.

Keely's local doctor told the family she would have to see a neurosurgeon. He ordered an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and blood work and those test results were taken to her neurosurgeon appointment at the University of New Mexico.

For more on this story check this Web site later or look for the Sunday Living section in this Sunday's edition of the Current-Argus.
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