Sunday, November 30, 2008

AVM News

My Daughter's Cerebral AVM--Osler Weber Rendu (HHT)

Usually I just post pictures with a little information about them, today I'm feeling a little more serious and thankful. One year ago my daughter, then 6, had surgery to remove a cerebral AVM. It's a really long story...but we had her screened because she has Osler Weber Rendu. It's a good thing we did. Her AVM was in the left frontal lobe in her speech area. I guess I'm hoping that if you're out there searching the internet, like I did, for others who have been through this maybe you'll happen upon my blog. We are one of the lucky ones. Emalyn's AVM was found and fixed. Usually you don't know until something happens. There are other options to surgery--gamma knife and glue. It's strange but the decision on what to do was left to us. It was a very hard decision but her surgery could not have gone any better. We went to Phoenix to the Barrow's Neurological Institute, what a wonderful group of doctors and nurses. Dr. Spetzler performed Emalyn's surgery. The grading scale for AVMs is named after him. It is the Spetzler-Martin grading scale. Here we are one year later with a very healthy, happy, bright and loving little girl, I'm so very thankful.
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My Day so far...
Day after Work.... Booo It seems that I don't get good ups... or could it be i CAN'T SELL.
I only had 1 up... but it was a two-legged one. I did not work on a be-back... I tried to close them while they were their. (but honestly when they left I thought they would be back.)
So far a have had 3 ups... I sold one tub. That's 30% it has to be a larger number. And it is becoming Holiday season. Holiday season is crap when it comes to Spa sales.

Oh well.... Time to go...
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Sharon Williams said...

My name is Sharon Williams and I work for the HHT Foundation, International in Maryland. Our nonprofit organization is the only advocacy organization for HHT. Our mission is to find a cure for HHT while saving the lives and improving the well-being of individuals and families affected by HHT. I would love to get in contact with you. We have many Daniell names in our database but I don't see your first name in the blog so I am not sure if you are already receiving our information. Can you contact me at I am so glad that the surgury was successful for Emma. I look forward to hearing from you.