Friday, January 30, 2009

AVM News... and a how do you do... from ME!


Feeling Thankful

Today I stumbled upon a support group for AVM survivors. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I am to have been given the option of stereotactic radiosurgery aka the cyberknife. Not only was I treated with this amazing non-invasive treatment, I was treated by the best possible person to do it. I have been alone in this AVM world but I'm not complaining, David was with me every step of the way, but yet, he'll never know what it's like. I've never felt that I needed to "talk" to anyone really but now that I see there are other people out there with AVM's and many much worse than mine, I wish I had found this site much earlier.

Today I have met people who have no hope of being cured. I have met people who have been basically forgotten by their doctors who said any treatment is too risky and then left alone. On the bright side, I have met people who are living their lives full of hope that their treatment is going to bring positive results. I met people who have AVM's in places that I didn't know you could even have one. These people are so incredibly brave. Most of the people though, are victims of brain AVM's. I was the victim of the much less common spinal AVM. No longer a victim but a survivor.

Sometimes even I forget where I've been. I know others do. I can't believe what has happened but I am so happy it's over. I look so normal, it's hard to believe that there was a time when I didn't know if I would walk, brush my own hair, take a shower by myself, touch my nose or feel my arm ever again. Wow. God truly is miraculous. He has taken such good care of us and provided in ways that can only be described as supernatural. Unexplainable.

Now that I have found this website. I hope to be a source of encouragement and hope to my fellow AVM survivors. I pray that they can see that good things can happen. Prayers can be answered. I hope to spread the news of the Cyberknife and the wonders that it can do. I found today that people had no clue about the Cyberknife or they thought it was only used to treat brain AVM's. I hope that at least one person mentions it to their doctor and can have this life changing treatment done on them. Some people are living in very scary and uncertain times and I hope that they can be encouraged by my story.

I am going to look her up... she seems real nice. I had Gamma-knife surgery. My failed, but so many people are cured.

Gotta go... see ya.


Hannah said...

Haha seems I found you first! I'm sorry to hear about the Gamma Knife not working for you. What about the Cyberknife? It's more accurate. Best of luck to you in your journey!

DelorumRex said...

Cyberknife... never heard of it... actually I don't know if i am still a candidate... the last time I was full of gray stuff... via catheter.

Thank you,