Friday, January 30, 2009

Well my my my!

I don't get some of yahoo's stuff... when it comes to getting you ads.
I just looked on this page... I got one that made sense... and one that was off base.

Not that I mind advertizing for this cause... but the how of it, kinda makes me go huuuuuum.

Of course I am at work. Today is slow.

Let me hit you with dis...

Men at work: Land down under!!!!
aLRIGHT... i'VE GOT TO GO... no it is not a customer.
Talk at you later...


Les Miserable said...

Yahoo sucks dogballs. I used their PPC program for a week before giving up in frustration. Clunky as. No wonder Google is blowing them away. 65.1% of the Search market compared to Yahoo's pathetic 16.1%. Not that Google doesn't piss me off too. I think the iron grip they have on Search & PPC Marketing is very unhealthy. Plus they don't give a rats arse (ass) about their clients. You ever tried writing to them? The pricks don't even bother replying. I would truly like to see these arrogant bastards crash & burn.

DelorumRex said...

Yep... and they banned me... F'ers!