Saturday, January 10, 2009

How about a little youtube?

Eminem - Without Me

Secret Places of The Earth 2 (By Argosax)
I think that Argosax has been smoking....

here buy something.


I have had a couple bad days... all thanks to the avm in my head. I just hope it is better by Tuesday. I know I ain't selling much but it helps me to be out there talking.

It is funny that I have lost friends due to my limited talking ability.
When if they would spend some time with me, I'd be talking by now... I think.
And good luck finding another AVM person to chat with... ah well is hell... but what else do I have.

Hay I got one for you...
click here
It is a good place to buy cell phones... it don't cost a thing to be curious.

Good day...

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