Thursday, January 08, 2009

I wish eveyday was like this... kinda. One AVM story

A lil inside mi noggin..

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I'm blunt...and rather observant...DUH that means I should blog! I suffer from, no let me rephrase, I combat living with an AVM on a daily basis. An AVM is an Abnormal Veinous Malformation which affects about 250,000 people in the US ( It affects everyone differently, for me it's caused a constant headache since 2003...litterally. I've been in countless doctors offices, been poked and proded, been through the emotions of being misdiagnosed with a brain tumor. Needless to say, I've been through a lot and not just because of my...let's call it an ailment. Above all I've developed a less than common outlook on life and perception of things.Don't for one minute misconstrue, I'm in no way a victim, I'm self-sufficient almost to a fault and encourage others to turn their weaknesses into empowerment. It builds character and makes for one hell of a screenplay ha! That combined with growing up immersed in a semi-charmed world, and the glitz and glamour of Hollyweird leads to some interesting anecdotes...Here are my thoughts...
Go give her a look up.

Okay today was good... I got an old listing up to date. if you wanna go see it... click here. It is a little spa page... some of it I think you'll like.
I have to go now... take care.

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