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Mel's case updated 01

I brought Mel for check-up on 3/2/2009, we reached Tawakal Hospital 12:30pm which the appointment has booked before CNY. We were waiting for around 30 minutes in order to see the doctor. Just because the doctor went to ward visiting.

To be honest, Mel was prepared for the admission to do the angiogram test, and the doctor told us is only 3 weeks the case happen, and worry about the blood clot still unclear, it is better to wait for another week. And next appointment is booked. I'm just curious, since if he knows the test only can be done after 4 weeks, why is he put an appointment after 3 weeks? And RM150 is paid for the short consultation.

He did mention after the angiogram, and it depends on the report, maybe send her to Ampang Puteri Hospital to do the Embolization.

I have done some survey about the embolization:

What is Embolization?

Embolization is a technique in which the blood vessels of the AVM are plugged with non-reactive glue. Under x-ray a catheter is guided from the femoral artery in the leg into the area to be treated. This is repeated for each vessel that feeds the AVM. Patients sometimes require this procedure to be repeated. This method is frequently combined with other treatments. Although embolization can be a complete and successful treatment in its own right; there are occasions when it's not possible to completely manage an aVM with this treatment. In this instance, embolizatin is used as a precautionary measure to reduce risk to the patient whilst undergoing other procedures.

Occiptal AVM before embolization (L) and after embolization (R)

Occipital AVM before embolization (L) and after embolization (R)

What are the Side Effects?

Every patient is different. Some minor side effects maybe observed shortly after embolization of na AVM by some patients, but most feel perfectly fine. The side effects are usually temporary and should subside within a few days to weeks.

Headaches are not infrequently reported. They will usually subside, but if they are persistent, the doctor will prescribe a short course of medication and this will usually take away the headache.

Other possible complications include stroke like symptoms such as weakness in one arm or leg, numbness, tingling, speech disturbances and visual problems. The risk of embolization is low for serious complications such as permanent stroke or death. The estimated risk should be discussed with your doctor.

Bleeding After Embolization Treatment

It is important for you to know that embolization will not usually completely close off an AVM. A person may still bleed from an AVM in such a case. It is not known whether or not partial embolization treatment reduces the risk of future bleeding.

What are the Advantages of Embolization Treatment?

  • Embolization is very useful in making the AVM smaller in size in order to be suitable for radiation treatment.
  • Embolization is very useful to reduce the blood flow through the AVM just before surgery. This makes it much easier for the surgeon to remove the AVM.
  • Can be early repeated and staged.
  • Chances of a cure with embolization alone are about 20%.
  • No open surgical procedure.
  • Short hospital stay.

What are the Disadvantages?

  • This form of treatment can only be done if the AVM is made up of vessels that can be reached with the catheters.
  • Multiple sessions may be required.
  • There is a small chance of a stroke in about 1-3% occurring as the result of the treatment.
  • The chance of bleeding every year in a partially treated AVMs is likely reduced by embolization, but not eliminated.


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