Sunday, February 01, 2009

AVM News!

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Stuff the bus for Steven Styles

By Elizabeth MacFarland

A second grade class at Kirk Elementary School in Millington is stepping and helping one of their own, 10 cents at a time.

Ms. Damm's class is trying to stuff a school bus full of pop cans to help their classmate Steven Styles. Last May, 8 yo. Steven Styles learned about a spot on his brain. Doctors diagnosed him with AVM, a medical condition similar to a brain aneurysm. And when Steven stopped coming to school, his classmates wanted to help.

So far more than 100 bags of cans have been collected for Steven, a young boy fighting for life, an inspiration to all those around.

"He is just a joy," Ms. Holly Damm said. "He has touched everybody's lives in that classroom, he enjoys life and has the biggest heart for anyone and everyone. He does so much for kids."

As for Steven's parents, they say Steven has good days and bad days, but one thing is for sure.

"We can't look at the bads, we have to look at the goods," Steven's father Patrick Styles says. "We have to keep going and say everything we do for this boy is going to make him better."

If you'd like to help stuff the bus for Steven you can drop off your pop cans at Kirk Elementary School in Millington.



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