Saturday, March 21, 2009

AVM and Me News!

Guess What?

Hi Everyone!

Guess What? Yup! Here I was just thinking how I had gone several weeks w/out a bleed and I had one this morning! Ugh! I had removed the dressing and there was an area that was red, so I dabbed it w/a Q-tip. Next thing you know, more red and then a stream of arterial blood shoots out! Yikes! I put some tissue on there and called for Mark! He got some surgicel cut up and got it on there to stop the bleeding. He redressed the wound and I got ready for work! Didn't put any make-up on, as my face was hurting. I've had a hard time controlling the pain, and it wasn't until about 11:00 am that I was finally feeling better!

Mark had taken a couple days off work to spend w/his parents, so he dropped me off @ work to keep my car. This afternoon, Mark picked me up and had Hanz with him! Mark had bathed him earlier and trimmed his hair, so he was looking especially cute! That cheered me up right away - Hanz is such a doll!

Well, my plans for the weekend are to take it easy, stay pain free and enjoy my little angel Hanz!

Y'all take care and thanks for all your love and support!

it means it is not from me... Go give her blog a peek... I dare ya...

I know it is a bit much... but it is also "for dummies" month at amazon... and when you go and look at me... ya' really get the feeling that here comes a dummy. ha ha ha! (sorta) .
For those that do not yet know me... I had a brain bleed, caused by an AVM. The first time we hit it with a gamma-knife about 2000... we thought we got it. In 2006 it what "POP" again. This time it left me right hand paralysis. It also took what little bit of spell checker I carried around with me and made it go away... it also took some of my vocabulary ... that is why you get post that are very simple.
Some of the dummies books I would life to have...
Some of them are wish list of people I know...

Good by for now...

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