Sunday, March 15, 2009

News from the AVM Side of Life.

Mom never gives up to save son's life.

By Ken Sellars
Tina Baker said her fight began when she noticed a twitch on the left side of the face her son Caleb, now 14. The tic grew progressively worse and she says that, “Caleb began looking like Popeye.”

She couldn't figure it out what was going on, but thought maybe it was due to allergies...

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Mother seeks 100,000 letters of hope

Managing Editor

What if all it took to make a child’s day was a quick note sent through a Web site? Would you take five minutes out of your day to type something in and then forward the information to all of your friends and family so they could make a difference, too?

That’s all Janice Brown is hoping for. You see, her son, Andrew, is going through lengthy brain surgery Thursday, and while he takes at least two weeks to recover, those messages are just about the only thing he has to occupy his time.

The 12-year-old Newburgh resident, a sixth grade student at Sharon Elementary, won’t be able to visit with friends since his surgery is taking place more than 1,400 miles away in Phoenix, Ariz.

He also won’t be able to play any of his numerous video games or do what any other typical tween does these days to fight off boredom.

So, Janice Brown said her son will be looking on his Web page, set up through to see how many people have stopped in to see how he’s doing and to check his guest book. Brown said she’s hoping to get as many people as possible to write messages, with a lofty goal of 100,000 from across the globe.

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Wow so many mom's stories...
We've posted stuff on one of the boys already. It is good to see there mom's do something for them.

Today: I've got to go out... just because it will be 60 deg.... yes I said 60!
(It is going to be 32 in a few days... yuck)

The other reason is to get a piece of hardware for the toilet. Somebitch broke last night...

My wife goes into surgery this week... I can tell you I am not looking forward to it... or the long recovery that comes with it.

Anyway I am going to go... have a nice day 'eh.

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