Monday, March 09, 2009

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Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) HEMANGIOMA (Kim's Diagnosis)

the characteristics of my illness

AVM’s are usually present at birth.
Firm mass - when pressed feels soft and gel-like, can feel pulse or heartbeat, can cause pain.
Lips, head and neck are common areas affected.
Can also occur in the brain, brain stem or spinal cord.
Angiography used to detect AVM.
Treatment by skilled physician only – combination of embolization and surgical excision usually recommended.
Occur 5 times more often in females.
Involution can last 3 – 10 years.
Some can be life threatening – interfere with eating, breathing, seeing, hearing, speaking, cause strain on heart.
When a child cries or is lying down the lesion expands and the vessels fill and the color becomes more intense. Just like what happened to me now. But i was rest assured that God will completely heal me, but if time comes for my last breathe, then I willingly give my all to my Father. As such these things, these sufferings, and especially the strugges and battles against life of Francis M., influences and inspired me to go on with my life. This is not a burden, disasters, catastrophe's in someone's life but rather God used me to become an influence in others life. I am taking this burden a curse whenever I'm alone but when facing other people, I don't let them feel the desperation of having this burden, but stand as a sword and an armor even lots of enemies battle on you. God provided everything in me, anything that I was asked for. Im glad coz He still hears my cry: though I have searched that I must take my sicknesses into burden untill death. Or shall I say burden for lifetime. Will you take this opportunity to be operated for consecutive times, or you shall say its better to die rather than facing this burdens? My only comfort is in the bible and I know that GOD WILL HEAL ME SOON. I never lose hope...
I wana rock!!!

Twisted Sister I Wana Rock

I feel good today... go figure.

I got nothing to report from my AVM so I'll just leave you with "I Wana Rock"

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