Friday, April 24, 2009

AVM & 85 Degres!


Patient ID: 88013725
HX: Headache-blurred vision .male 31
DX: AVM (Arterovenous malformation) Medium size
Curvilinear signal void structures in left parietal lobe with draining veins into the straight and superior sagital sinus and feeding arteries possibly arising from right PCA and right MCA
MRA is useful for mapping the AVM. The definitive study is cerebral angiography. The diagnosis is made by demonstrating an enlarged feeding artery, the core or nidus and the enlarged draining veins.



It was 85 degrees! I almost ran around naked. (okay not really) I spent most of the day outside. It was lovely.
At 3:30 I got a headache. I layed down and sleped about 3 hours.
I still have one... but it is not so bad.
time to youtube a little...

ah ha ha ha!!!

Morning has Broken - Cat Stevens (Spring/Lente)

Britain's Got Talent.

okay I have to go...

see ya!

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